Premises Liabilities

by | Jul 11, 2022

Whether you’re planning a wedding, family gathering or other event, it’s important to understand your guests may need accommodations because of a disability.

While disability accommodation is not the same as discrimination, it still can be an issue for your partygoers who are disabled. If you plan to have food served in the cafeteria, for example, should you also provide a private dining room for those with limited mobility?

Ask about assistance needed in bathroom and any other private areas.

While your guests won’t usually be staying in a hotel that shares bathrooms with others, it can help to know what accommodations they may need. If there is only one toilet and two ways into the bathroom, for example, then everyone will have to use the same bathroom—even if they don’t want to do so. You also should ask whether there are particular services or facilities people need when checking in, as well as how much things cost.

Is transportation a concern? If not, feel free to bring up needs during the rehearsal dinner or party planning stage.

Transportation is almost always an issue when it comes to hosting a wedding in one place, so if this isn’t something you worry about—and why would you?—then no need to plan accordingly. Your guests likely won’t be traveling very far (unless you choose a destination wedding that requires international travel), but there are things you can do to make sure everyone gets where they need to go.

Pay attention to kitchen access.

Whether you’re hosting an event or just having dinner at home, making sure everyone can get into the kitchen could be a challenge. For instance, if your door doesn’t have a lock, how will guests know not to come in? And if there are signs everywhere that say “private property”, it might surprise people who were expecting more doors like those inside restaurants. Before opening your farm for events, think about ways to make sure that you—and your visitors —are comfortable with all aspects of the setup.

How about medication or medical supplies?

If someone is injured while using your pharmacy, can they get their medications back? Can you refill prescriptions if there’s no one available at the store after hours to take your credit card? The answers are probably “no” and “yes,” respectively, which means you need to discuss how things will be run in your office. Knowing what facilities you have available will help you prepare for opening day.

What if there’s a health emergency?

That potentially toxic environment can endanger your family’s health. When you lease a home, don’t just focus on how clean the place is—you should also consider whether it has the right amount of space for your family to stay healthy.

Be sure to ask family members what facilities are available at your venue.

It’s important to everyone involved in the planning process that know how to make arrangements for every member of your staff, from maintenance to security to catering. If one of your employees can’t perform their job correctly, it could lead to huge delays or problems with your event management team or even damage the reputation of your venue.

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