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by | Jul 15, 2022

When you hire a lawyer to represent you in litigation, whether it’s a contract dispute or a lawsuit, you’re hiring someone who has expertise in law and experience representing clients in similar cases.

A product liability attorney can review your case and tell you if you have a valid claim. If not, then you don’t want to settle just because something like an outdated warranty makes you feel uncomfortable. Your attorney will help you through the process and make sure that you come up with a reasonable resolution.

Your lawsuit is important to its outcome.

You may not feel like your case is significant enough to hire an attorney, but it’s critical that you identify why you want compensation and how you plan to get it. An experienced product liability lawyer will carefully review your complaint and will ask you all the relevant questions in court.

You should understand the risks of litigation.

Any time you’re involved in a lawsuit, there is risk—even when your case was resolved in your favor. Although jury verdicts are often favorable to plaintiffs, they can also be unfavorable. In fact, studies show that juries are more likely to award damages because it gives them a reason to get up from the table and go vote.

Your case may involve multiple claims, defenses, or arguments that may change over time.

It’s impossible to predict all your questions before they arise during your deposition. And someone who’s never attended a deposition is likely to ask different types of questions than an experienced product liability lawyer. You need an attorney you can trust to keep an eye on things and help you determine what information is relevant in your case.

You need an attorney who can keep up with changes in the law.

That’s where your local lawyer isn’t enough. In the last few years, businesses have been sued over lots of things—including claims that their products are dangerous or defective. When you hire a product liability lawyer, you want to make sure they know what laws and regulations apply to your situation so they can advise you about your options and help you decide how to proceed.

Litigation is often expensive.

You may have never considered litigation to be cheap, but it can really add up. There are attorney fees, filing fees, expert witnesses, and courtroom expenses—plus you will need to pay your own costs like phone bills and photocopies.

You won’t be able to replace an experienced trial lawyer.

A product liability lawsuit is complicated and can be expensive. An attorney will understand the issues in your case and know how to develop defenses against the plaintiff’s claims. If you want to pursue an appeal, an appellate advocate must be involved in the case because an appeals court will review all of the evidence.

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